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We work with clients to invest in the region’s infrastructure, resiliency, and workforce.

There Are Many Reasons to Choose Solar Energy

  • Rooftops are often idle but can generate revenue and community benefits.
  • Solar costs have fallen significantly and a typical return on investment is 5-8 years while a system’s useful lifetime is at least 25 years.
  • Generating electricity on-site can be a source of emergency power and reduces demands on the local distribution grid.
  • Solar systems increase the resale value of your property and are not subject to taxation below certain levels.
  • Solar systems can be integrated with other systems for emergency backup service, and electric vehicle charging.
  • Tax credits and incentives are currently available to reduce upfront costs.

REP Offers

  • Turn-key design and construction for every building.
  • High-quality solar equipment with best-in-the-industry performance and warranties.
  • Workmanship guarantees and options for long-term maintenance of systems.
North High School Overhead
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Community Solar

Minnesota is a national leader in developing community solar gardens, which allow electricity consumers share in a larger solar project that is not directly connected to their utility meter.  REP is an experienced community solar garden developer and we often work with community groups to build solar gardens.  Currently, any Xcel Energy customer, renters, homeowners, non-profits and small businesses, can become a subscriber to a community solar project. By subscribing to a community solar garden project, often at no out-of-pocket-cost, subscribers receive a credit on their monthly utility bill for the next 25 years. 

Every solar energy system has different goals and requirements.

REP offers a FREE consultation on how to turn your unused roof space or land into a revenue generator and a tool for addressing climate change. This includes an assessment of your site, its solar capacity, and project costs and benefits. Fill out our contact form and we will connect with you within two business days.